Will Marshall maintains a handful of select clients, working closely with them to help facilitate their creative processes. He typically works on larger projects for established, professional artists, but will consider smaller-scale projects that are unusually interesting or creative.

For all inquiries please get in touch here.


Nicholas Brittel

Will Marshall has worked for Academy Award-nominated film composer Nicholas Brittel, whose critically-acclaimed score for MOONLIGHT was nominated for Best Original Score, and scored Oscar-nominated film THE BIG SHORT. His music was also featured in director Steve McQueen’s Oscar-winning film 12 YEARS A SLAVE, and he produced the short film WHIPLASH.

Marshall developed extensive workflow enhancements for Brittel's composition process, dramatically reducing the time required to perform several key tasks.


Patrick Gleeson

Marshall worked closely with Grammy-nominated composer Patrick Gleeson, a Los Angeles–based composer, performer, and producer who has specialized in synthesized composition and performance. Generally credited with introducing synthesizers to jazz in the early 1970s as a member of Herbie Hancock’s band, Gleeson has also written a wide variety of music for artists including the Kronos Quartet, Morpheus, and Jefferson Starship and numerous scores for film and television.

Marshall developed Gleeson a system for live improvised electronic music, for a project he describes as as “some kind of weird mashup of late Miles Davis, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Minimalism, and electronic dance music.”

Ill Gates.jpg

Ill Gates

ill.Gates is a San Francisco-based composer, performer and educator. Over the past 16 years, he has established a global fan-base and a reputation as one of the world's most dynamic electronic music artists. He regularly tours across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Gates has headlined Burning Man, Shambala, the World Electronic Music Festival and the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

Working extensively with LA-based electronic artist Ill Gates, Marshall helped him develop several systems for live electronic performance, including those he sells through his website myproducerdj.club, and his personal performance rig.



Freq Nasty

Marshall designed and built a bespoke performance rig for Darin McFayden, better known as Freq Nasty, a DJ and producer of breakbeat electronic music based in Los Angeles, California. A fellow New Zealander, McFadyens artistic career has taken him across the world, first as a resident in London's Fabric Nightclub, to multiple tours in Europe and Australia. He currently lives in LA, where he has become a fixture amongst North American art and music festivals.

McFadyen's template is built in Ableton Live, using a Livid Instruments OhmRGB and extensive custom scripting. This gives him in-depth, hands-on control of his performances, including extensive manipulation of dub-delays 


The Fungineers

Marshall designed the performance system used by the Fungineers, a super group of fantastic Funovators who create colorful music, videos, live shows, and more.

The Fungineers are led by Paragon the Cyber-Unicorn-Tron, part robot-monkey, part unicorn, all beatboxing DJ. This musical menagerie includes MC’s Lil Dino, Doctah Aqua-Sock-ta-Puss, Flavatar, Baby Swagress and the Sillionaire, plus an always-expanding cast of Fun friends and guests galore, all managed by the esteemed Janitor-Manager, Kyrian Gineerian.